The bark and decayed grass could be the rebirth of paper.

As we understand matter and spirit will never die, so we do see the establishment
of Su Ho Memorial Paper Museum thereafter. In October of 1990, an airplane crash
in China’s Guangdong province, took the lives of Su Ho Chen, the founder and guiding light of Chang Chuen Cotton Paper.

For many years, Chen had dreamed of establishing a museum devoted to paper. His dream has come to fruition with the establishment of the museum he envisioned, dedicated to his memory.After five years of preparation, the Su Ho Memorial Paper Museum opened in October 1995.

Understanding that the vitality of a museum depends on it’s inter- action with visitors, we have created lively exhibitions and activities that encourage visitor’s participation all with the aim of fully realizing the Museum’s mission to educate and enlighten. By collecting and classifying Taiwanese paper artifacts system- atically, we hope to make the Museum a paper museum that reflects the unique history and culture of Taiwan.

In 1999, the Chang Cheun Cotton Paper Foundation and the Su Ho Memorial Paper Museum merged names to become the Su Ho Memo- rial Paper Culture Foundation. We have propagated the Museum’s message much more broadly around Taiwan. However, we also understand that each step must be taken carefully, secure footing maintained throughout, if we wish to tread our chosen path over the long term.